Another Successful Data Recovery!

This little fried capacitor was getting in the way of accessing 14,000 photos of a client’s memories (see below). Cheers to another successful data recovery! BiR’s iPhone Data Recovery Services Tier 1: $75 (1-3 business day turnaround) Assuming your motherboard works normally, your data would fall in our Tier 1 rate. Tier 2: $175 (1-3… Read more »

Tricks to Free Up Storage Space on Your iPhone

Receiving the “storage full” notification on your iPhone can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are about to take a photo. But there are a few tricks you can try to free up some storage space on your iPhone. To start, we can usually we can blame our photos for problems with iPhone (or iPad)… Read more »

Protect the Right to Repair Your Electronics

Protect your right to repair!  Each day we take pride in giving tech users options regarding how to handle their damaged device.  Repair options make life easier for consumers, reduce environmental waste, and help business. However, access to convenient, reasonably priced electronic repairs may not be available in the future without state approval of The Digital… Read more »

What’s the Best Case for Your iPhone?

There are some who argue that hiding your beautiful iPhone behind a case takes away from the entire iPhone experience. We – on the other hand – disagree! We agree that it might feel wrong to cover up your phone, and even though we get the humor in the comic above, we suggest following good logic… Read more »

Two Ways to Maximize Your Battery Life

You love your iPhone. It is your beloved sidekick that can do almost anything for you – until the battery dies and it becomes a useless slab of metal. One of the most frustrating things about the iPhone is that no matter how long your battery life lasts, it’s only a matter of time before… Read more »

5 Ways to Have a More Mindful Relationship With Your iPhone

  Living in this glorious era of mobile technology, it would be ideal if our technology were set up to help us use our time more efficiently; a tool we control, rather than the other way around (ie. becoming a digital zombie). Here are 5 ways to have a more mindful relationship with your iphone:… Read more »