What’s the Best Case for Your iPhone?

There are some who argue that hiding your beautiful iPhone behind a case takes away from the entire iPhone experience.

We – on the other hand – disagree! We agree that it might feel wrong to cover up your phone, and even though we get the humor in the comic above, we suggest following good logic and using a protective case. So whats the best iPhone case?

We typically put cases in three categories: slim, protective, and heavy-duty. Here are some things to consider when choosing a case from either category.

Slim Cases

The biggest thing to look for in a slim case is the fit.

Make sure it fits all the way around the perimeter of the phone (like this one). We advise from staying away from the kind of cases that clip onto the back, leaving the top and bottom exposed. If your phone falls while sporting this type of case, the aluminum frame tends to damage much easier, leading to a shattered screen.

Protective Cases 

For a good quality protective case, we are big fans of Incipio brand cases – they’re a bit thicker than slim-style cases, offer more protection, and don’t wear out easily. The DualPro is a good example of a durable case that doesn’t come with added bulk.

Having a lip around the screen helps keep a nice barrier between a surface and the screen.

Heavy-Duty Cases

If your phone will be exposed to a rough day-to-day, you likely want a solid, heavy-duty case.

Our picks for this category are the OtterBox Defender series and LifeProof cases. These cases are tough! They offer layers of protection, port covers to protect from dirt, and makes users feel confident that their device will survive multiple drops without damage.

*As a side note….. if your phone breaks, you know where to find us. Don’t worry! we won’t lecture you for going case-less.

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