COVID-19 Update

Yes, we’re open, with special precautions in place!

Don’t waste your time waiting for an appointment or in long lines at Apple. Most of our repairs are complete on a walk-in basis within 30 minutes, at a fraction of the price at the Apple store!

Current Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 11-7pm

Saturday: 11-5pm

Sunday: Closed

Most of our customers drop-off and pick-up a device, so there aren’t many direct points of contact with our environment or staff, but here are a couple of things we’re doing to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19:

  • We have installed a large plexiglass separator at check-in
  • Devices will be disinfected at both check-in and check-out with alcohol solution
  • Payment is typically hands-free, either via chip card or Apple Pay
  • All shop touch surfaces are disinfected ever hour or so
  • Our shop very rarely has more than 1 person inside, but should there be more than 1 person in the shop, they’ll be asked to stand six feet apart
  • Our bathrooms have soap and water if you’d like to wash your hands
  • We’re offering curbside pick-up/drop-off for those who are not comfortable coming inside

If you do not feel well, we ask that you do not come in. No repair is worth potentially infecting our staff or others.

Stay healthy, stay safe.