How to Keep Your iPhone Safe at the Beach

AHHH the beach. On hot summer days like the ones we’ve been having what could be better than the misty ocean breeze, hot sunny rays, and soft sand on our toes? When you’re prepping for a day by the shore, you’ll need more than just towels and sunscreen. You’ve got to make sure you’ve prepped your iPhone for the trip, too. Unfortunately, the things that make us so drawn to the beach – the salty ocean water, sun, and sand – can cause major destruction to our electronic devices. Here are some sea-side precautions to take before tossing your iPhone in your beach bag.

1. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight AND off the ground. The direct sunlight, and heat from the sand can cause real damage to your device. To protect your device you might want to cover it with a towel, shirt, or even stick it in a cooler provided you don’t put it at risk of getting water damaged. If your phone does happen to overheat (you’ll see a warning notification appear on your screen), move your phone to a cooler area, and try putting it on airplane mode or even shutting it off to allow it time to cool down.

  1. 2. Close out of graphic heavy apps. Games, or apps that use a lot of power will add to the heat your phone is already generating. Didn’t you go to the beach to disconnect a bit, anyway?

  2. 3. Use dust plugs to keep those sneaky little grains of sand out of your phone’s ports. Not only can sand hijack the phone’s ports, but it can also scratch your screen. Keep a screen protector on, or better yet, invest in a heavy duty waterproof case. They should do the trick in terms of protecting from sand.

  3. 4. Even just a small amount of regular tap water can start the corrosion process going in your phone. But, seawater is even worse and causes corrosion to occur faster! Protect your phone from possible water damage by keeping it in a waterproof wrapping or case if you’re by the ocean. Its easy to find waterproof covers that hang around your neck that allow you to use your phone through the plastic; or even toss it in a ziplock bag.

Now you (and your iPhone) are ready for the beach!