Two Ways to Maximize Your Battery Life

You love your iPhone.

It is your beloved sidekick that can do almost anything for you – until the battery dies and it becomes a useless slab of metal.

One of the most frustrating things about the iPhone is that no matter how long your battery life lasts, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself tethered to the nearest outlet. Here are two ways to maximize your battery life.

  1. 1. Adjust Location Services

Location services is a part of iOS that keeps track of your location. If it isn’t managed properly, this feature can eat up a significant amount of your battery life.

In order to save some extra juice, (without the hassle of hunting down which app is using your location  the most), its best practice to adjust all apps to only use your location “while using app”.

Go to settings > privacy > location services, and watch out for apps that say they are “always” tracking your location – this is not necessary. Change to “while using app”.

<img src="privacy.png" alt="privacy settings"> <img src="locationservices.png" alt="location services turned on">







2. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is part of iOS that allows apps to multi-task in the background. These apps refresh their content when you aren’t using them so that when you revisit the app, you’re presented with the latest content without needing to swipe down.

The small perk of this feature probably isn’t worth the drain on your battery life.

Thankfully you can head over to settings > general > background app refresh, and turn it off.

Battery Replacement

If you notice your battery-saving efforts aren’t cutting it, you might want to consider battery replacement. The Apple store is currently running a promotion to replace iPhone batteries for $29. 

Taking advantage of their promo means you’ll need to book an appointment in advance, and possibly wait in a long line before getting to swipe out your old battery for a new one.

If you’d rather ditch the lines and appointments, drop into BiR!

We replace all iPhone 5 and 6 series batteries for $49.

The best part is, we can do it in as little as 15 minutes.