Choose Your Repair

Cracked Screen/LCD

Broken glass or distorted display? No problem! You most likely need a new screen or display assembly.

Mac Not Turning On

This is likely a motherboard issue. Other common circuit level issues are no image, no backlight, and no charging.

Battery Replacement

Battery life just not what it used to be, or dying at random percentages? A new battery should do the trick.

Broken Keyboard

If one or more keys on your keyboard have stopped responding, a replacement keyboard may be needed.

Liquid Damage

MacBook exposed to water? Shut it off and bring it to us right away so that it can be cleaned properly!


Is your Mac really slow or do you need more storage space? Upgrades can breathe new life into your machine.

Boston iPhone Repair fixes MacBooks too! Cracked screens, broken LCDs, water damage, battery replacements, broken keyboards and trackpads can be fixed too. Visit our repairs section for more information. Upgrading your Mac or Macbook hard drive and RAM can make it like brand new again – no need to buy a new computer. Visit our upgrades section to learn more.