Warranty Coverage

BiR offers a six-month warranty on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook repairs, and a three-month warranty on motherboard microsoldering repairs.  This warranty covers:

  • Screen/LCD and any other repaired or replaced parts that malfunction, or do not work as intended or designed, so long as the part replaced is physically intact and free of scratches, chips, cracks, etc. This excludes consumables such as batteries, water damage, or instances when a supplier offers a shorter warranty on parts (typical with older Macs).
  • Warranty is limited to the repair that was paid for. For example, if a screen/LCD was replaced, the warranty is applicable only to the screen/LCD, not any other parts of your device.

Warranty Does Not Protect Against

This warranty does not protect against:

  • Any physical, or accidental damage to your screen (chips, scratches, cracks, etc.) or display (lines, blotches, flickering, impact discolorations, etc.)
  • Water damage
  • Subsequent accidental or purposeful drops
  • Tampering with internal hardware
  • Any repairs attempted by the customer or another establishment
  • Jailbroken devices
  • New damages unrelated to the original repair
  • Failures of software features (Touch ID, Face ID, Battery Health, TrueTone, etc.)
  • Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair – customers are advised to back up all data prior to repair attempts

Our warranty also does not cover the outcome of a repair if certain pre-repair conditions exist, including:

  • Existence of known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair
  • Existence of damage to the frame/rear glass/rear camera lenses of device
  • Existence of missing parts or screws from a previous repair attempt(s)
  • Liquid damage
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Tampering with internal hardware: under certain conditions, internal damage may make a repair impossible
  • Non-working, damaged or malfunctioning home button/fingerprint or Face ID sensors

The warranty is valid only for the specific device repaired and the original customer; it is not transferable across devices or if the device is sold or given to another individual.

General Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to repairs, clients agree to abide by our general terms and conditions and warranty policy.

We are not responsible for any data loss. It is the customer’s responsibility to create backups of data as needed before dropping off their device for repairs.

Labor associated with repairs and data recovery procedures is non-refundable.

In the event of a refund, debit/credit card processing fees are not refundable starting on April 11, 2023. This is not our policy but Square and other major card processors. More info on that here: https://squareup.com/us/en/press/policy-and-pricing-updates.

Any repairs involving substantial labor (1+ hours) to install/diagnose/test would entail a bench fee ($30 for iPhones, $30-$40 for iPads and MacBooks) to cover some of our time.  This fee is waived if a customer decides to pursue a repair in full.

Devices not picked up within sixty (60) days will be scrapped and recycled.